Within Northampton Borough there are 21 areas that are designated as parks, they are further divided into four types

Strategic Open Spaces

These attract, or have the potential to attract, significant numbers of people from Northampton and its surrounding area. They are key to the Green Infrastructure and form important green linkages both for the Region and Northampton. They are an important part of the town and have significant potential for economic and developmental impact on Northampton. They offer features such as play, recreational, ecological, landscape, cultural benefits for local people and residents from across Northampton.
    Beckets Park
    Delapre Park

Premier Spaces

These are of a significant scale usually 15ha or more. A Premier space provides a broad range of opportunities that include play, recreation, ecological, landscape, cultural and attract people from across Northampton. They have an importance on Northampton's green infrastructure network. They are easily accessible by public and private transport.
    Abington Park

Neighbourhood Open Spaces

These are areas of open space that can be variable in scale. They generally do not attract large numbers of people from across the town, but are significant in ensuring open space is accessible to Northampton's communities. Neighbourhood open spaces will generally include features offering play, recreational, ecological, landscape, and cultural benefits to local people.
    Dallington Park
    Eastfield Park
    Errington Park
    Grangewood Park
    Great Billing Park
    Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground
    Lodge Farm Park
    Millers Meadow
    Southfields Park
    Thornton Park (Kingsthorpe Park)
    Thorplands Park
    Victoria Park.

Town / Country Parks

A town and country open space (or park) typically over 15ha is an area serving a significant part of the borough. They are places that have a natural, rural atmosphere where visitors can enjoy a public open space with parking and other facilities in an informal atmosphere.
    Upton Country Park
    Brackmills Country Park,
    Bradlaugh Fields,
    Hunsbury Hill Country Park
    Penn Valley Country Park