Eastfield Park

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Owned by Northampton Borough Council
Supported by Friends of Eastfield Park.
Designation Grassland
Size 24ha
Grid Ref SP781635
Nearest Post Code NN3 6PH
Linked to
Near by Grange Road Open Space, Arbours Park North, Parklands Spinney
Play Area Yes
Games Area Yes
Sports Facilities 2 Football pitches
Seats Yes
Parking Street
This vast open space provides a pastoral retreat for the two housing estates of Eastfield and Lakeview, which lie on either side.
Circa 1950 the land was taken over by the Corporation. By that time the site was overgrown and had reverted to a wild state. The Summerhouse had fallen into decay and had become dangerous. The lily pond was choked with weed and the once beautiful ornamental area was a wilderness. The Estates department fenced off the area and leased the rest of the land for grazing rights.
As time progressed more and more of the park was opened to the public. The dangerous buildings were removed and the now desecrated lily ponds were filled in.
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