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21 August 2012

Parks & Open Spaces

Ever wondered what lies beneath?
The story might sound like something out of a novel, but there is a lot of Northampton's history below our feet.

According to local historian John Kightley many tunnels, known as cellars, are hidden under the town.

He said they originate from church buildings centred around the market square and... more


Help shape how Abington Park could be used in the future
Come along to Abington Park on Saturday, 1 September and help shape how the hall and church buildings, and the wider park, could be used in the future.

Northampton Borough Council and St Peter and St Paul Church, Abington are running a special event, involving the Friends of Abington Park, to try ... more

Health & Sport

Couch potato children 'up to nine times more likely to be clumsy than other youngsters'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2188482/Couch-potato-children-likely-clumsy.html#ixzz24D3JfLSu
Mail Online
Children who spend hours watching TV or playing on a computer are more clumsy than other youngsters, a study claims.

It found those who sat around for most of the day were up to nine times less likely to have normal levels of co-ordination.

Even simple tasks such as hopping and jumping were affe... more

Children & Young People

5 Simple Ways to Let Go and Raise a Resilient Child, by Vicki Hoefle
Free Range Kids
Hey there Free-Rangers! I want to give a quick kudos to you for encouraging your children to take reasonable risks. It takes courage to foster independence in a world that prefers to hover and hyper-protect. By stepping out of the way and trusting them, you are enabling resiliency, confidence, coura... more
Bring back the free-range summer
Mail Online
Could there be a more perfect evocation of a childhood than the never-ending summer holidays? Dusty sandals, scuffed knees, grass stains, days lasting for ever… There was nothing to compare with that heady feeling of one unstructured day flowing into another, with nothing more onerous planned than m... more
The Ribena Plus Play Report
The Ribena Team, a group of play experts and over 2,000 parents revealed in the Ribena Plus Play Report that:

92% of parents believe that imaginary play is important but 16% don't know how to create it with their child

Only 32% of kids still play with household items, but 70% play on video games... more

Nature & Environment

Time to get a levy in the bag
Politics Home
Defra is 'dragging its feet' on whether England should have a carrier bag levy according to environmental campaigners.

Wales and the Republic of Ireland have introduced similar schemes to great success.

A levy is coming soon to Northern Ireland and Scotland is consulting on introducing one.

Sa... more

Study Finds Greening Vacant Lots Reduces Crime
Green vacant lots make neighborhood residents feel safer while reducing overall crime, according to a new study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

The study, published in the journal Injury Prevention, found its results by using randomized trial design to exami... more

Green space central to building plans
Royal Horticultural Society
New guidance is encouraging those making decisions on planning issues to put green space at the heart of new building projects from the outset, including domestic gardens.

'Planning for a Healthy Environment' is the result of wide consultation with organisations including the RHS, led by the Town ... more

My Environment – information that connects people with nature
Natural England
The Government’s Natural Environment White Paperpromised to make environmental information more easily available to help people get involved with their local environment.

The new My Environment service will help people find all the information they need in one place to make it easier to explore, e... more

Green Streets Cut Pollution More Than Previously Thought
Woodland Matters
A new research study by Professor Thomas Pugh at Lancaster University and other scientists in the UK has found that adding trees, bushes, innovative systems like green walls, or even ivy or other creeping vines, can cut street-level nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and microscopic particulate matter (PM), two... more
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