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10 August 2012

Parks & Open Spaces

Creating a 21st century commons
New Start
Who should own and manage our woodlands, waterways and green spaces? Our responses to this question seems to depend on which bit of our environment we are talking about, and who we think will be the likely beneficiaries.

Last year Defra’s consultation on the transfer of our canals and waterways to... more


How small charities can get people to give more
The Guardian
The Giving Summit hosted by the Cabinet Office in May was scaled down in the face of the tax rebate cap furore. A month later the government released its update to the giving white paper with very little fanfare. There was no mention of the tax U-turn, despite it being the most high-profile story ab... more

Health & Sport

Interpreting physical activity guidelines for older adults
British Heart Foundation
This series of three booklets is designed to assist those who work with older people to interpret the UK Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines which were introduced in July 2011.

For the first time these guidelines provided recommendations for the amount of physical activity older p... more

Children & Young People

Outdoor play 'halves chance of being short-sighted'
The Telegraph
Despite popular theories that bookworms were more likely to require glasses, a study has suggested that it is time spent indoors that has an impact on eyesight, rather than reading.

Academics at Bristol University discovered that those who regularly played outdoors when they were eight and nine we... more

Scotland's local councils could be forced by law to provide play parks
Daily Record
SCOTLAND’S councils could be forced by law to provide play parks for youngsters in a bid to reduce childhood obesity.

Play Scotland, a government-funded agency set up to promote the importance of children’s play, is urging MSPs to back their campaign to make councils build more quality play areas.... more

Nature & Environment

Confusion' over single use carrier bag levy for Wales
Confusion surrounds a forthcoming Welsh carrier bag levy just a day before it is introduced, it is claimed.

Shoppers in Wales will be charged at least 5p for single use bags at all shops, including takeaways and pharmacies, from 1 October.

The Federation of Small Businesses said some shops were ... more

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