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3 August 2012


Protect our Place
Civic Voice
As part of its National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP), English Heritage has committed to encouraging greater active engagement in the historic environment by more people.

Protect our place is a wide-ranging survey of current community action which exists to protect local places. The overall aim ... more


Charity regulation is all over the place
Third Sector
Earlier this month, a National Audit Office report for the Public Affair Select Committee laid out the scope of the charity sector in the UK. It revealed, basically, that charity regulation is all over the place.

There are almost 350,000 charities in the UK, with a total income of more than £120bn... more

Children & Young People

In praise of … play streets
Writing in our G2 section on Tuesday, Diana Athill reminisced about life on a designated London "play street" in the early 60s: "The only cars in it were those of our neighbours, which is hardly imaginable nowadays." Quite; and what a shame that is. By restricting traffic, play streets gave children... more
Free-Range Children Are Good for the Community
Even though crime has gone down in the U.S., parents are less likely to let their children walk alone, even to school. Will Doig discusses the argument that "free-roaming" children are a benefit to themselves and the larger community.

Lenore Skenazy remembers when she was able to walk to school by... more

Safety fears 'hinder outdoor play', says survey
Fears over safety and traffic are preventing children playing outdoors, research for Play England suggests.

Almost half of parents (49%) said their children did not play outside because of fears about "stranger danger".

The survey of 1,000 parents found nearly a third (31%) said their child did ... more

Nature & Environment

Street Pride
Civic Voice
Street Pride is Civic Voice’s national campaign supporting local action to help rid our streets of unnecessary clutter. We are gathering evidence to support a national call for action to create more streets we can be proud of.... more
10 eliminating littering actions
This is a list of things you can do and start doing today. Each will make a positive and incremental contribution to the war against littering. We're not expecting others to do things so we're doing things ourselves to demonstrate what can be done!... more