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6 July 2012

Parks & Open Spaces

Creating climate change parks
The impacts of climate change are a key challenge for local authorities and the communities that they serve. Earlier research by greenspace scotland demonstrated the potential for the design and management of greenspace to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban areas.

This resource explores the opportunities to ... more


Neighbourliness is not the same as welfare
There is a difference between voluntary and voluntary sector but politicians and service providers regularly confuse the two

Successive governments have failed to understand the difference between 'neighbourliness' and 'welfare '. Neighbourliness is not dependent on the different levels of public ... more

Children & Young People

Say Good-Bye to “Pay to Play” Thinking
Outdoor Nation
The National Trust’s “Natural Childhood” Report by Stephen Moss is, if you will excuse the pun, a breath of fresh air.    We should all read it, grab some kids and get outside!   And then we need to think hard about how to get away from the pervasive thinking that experiences are only valuable if th... more

Environment & Nature

Businesses reminded to help keep town tidy
Northampton Borough Council
Businesses in Northampton are being reminded about their obligations under the Environment Protection Act 1990 to help keep the area in the vicinity of their premises clear of litter.

The move is part of Northampton Town Centre Partnership’s bid to make the town a more attractive place for people ... more

Management of our woods
Woodland Matters
The Woodland Trust was built on the foundation of our woodland estate and, although we now deliver our charitable aims in a range of ways, the woods and open ground we manage remain an important part of what we do. Our new document ‘Management of our Woods’ outlines how and why we manage our sites.

We now own over 1,000 sites across the... more

Forests are finally saved for the nation
Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, will formally pledge that the areas of woodland controlled by the Forestry Commission will not be sold off.

The decision follows public outcry over plans to sell off government-owned forests.

After a campaign led by this newspaper, Mrs Spelman perform... more

Experts to back public forests
Press Association
Experts asked to examine the future of England's woodlands after the Government's failed forest sell-off bid are expected to back publicly-owned forests.

The Independent Panel on Forestry was formed last year by the Government, after a huge public outcry forced ministers to abandon an attempt to dispose of the entire... more

Chinese (sky) lanterns
Chinese lanterns pose a threat to wildlife, livestock and other animals by causing injuries that lead to suffering and a slow painful death.

For this reason, we advise against the use of Chinese lanterns and recommend that harmless alternatives are used instead. ... more