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22 June 2012

Parks & Open Spaces

Oldest inscriptions upon the land
Walk Magazine
I once heard it said by someone from a tourist-authority that if there had never been any such things as public rights of way, and you were a planner charged with the task of devising from scratch a recreational network of paths for trippers to walk and cycle on, the result would not much resemble t... more


Wanted; the Big Society fixer
Artists & Makers
You want to put on a street party, but the people helping you to organise are worried. What about health and safety? What about insurance? Isnít it going to be a nightmare to get permission to close the road?

You want use an empty location or you want to use the local the park as a temporary comed... more

How does your charity use social media?
The voluntary sector has often been considered a great proponent of social media. From the nfptweetup to global tweet chats, charities are constantly challenging the boundaries of social networks.

But are they doing enough?

New research suggests that charities should be expanding their use of so... more


Government introduces Small Charitable Donations Bill
Third Sector
A bill that would allow charities to claim up to £1,250 in top-up payments on small donations has been introduced to parliament.

The Small Charitable Donations Bill, which was put before the Commons yesterday, will allow charities and community amateur sports clubs to claim Gift Aid-style payments... more


Balloon Releases and Chinese Sky Lanterns
Oxford City Council
Since June 2008 Oxford City Council has been running the "Oxford - Don't Let Go!" campaign. The campaign aims to stop mass balloon releases taking place within the City of Oxford to protect wildlife.

Oxford City Council no longer wants mass balloon releases to take place on Council land and has de... more

Google Maps to feature canals and rivers
Google has embarked on a project to map towpaths in England and Wales, as part of a plan to get more people on to rivers and canals.

Later this year, Google Maps will be updated to enable users to plan journeys that include bridges, locks and the 2,000 miles of canal and river paths across England... more