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8 June 2012
A quiet week this week with everyone concentrating on the Jubilee

Parks & Open Spaces

Racecourse needs to be reclaimed once more
Chronicle & Echo
Six years ago, this newspaper launched a campaign to revitalise a town centre park that had fallen into such a bad state that people were terrified to use it.

The Racecourse had seen crime levels soar. What was once a popular public space had become a hotspot for muggings, thefts, beatings and eve... more

Children & Young People

Why play matters indesign
Play England
If you think about where you live, how often do you see children and young people outside enjoying themselves? Now think about when you were young how often were you roaming your neighbourhood and playing outside?... more


Towns and Gardens
Wildlife Trust
For many of us the sound of bees buzzing among the flowers, the sight of tadpoles emerging from jelly-like frogspawn and the smell of freshly cut grass are our first impressions of nature. And more often than not, its our very own back gardens that these memories come from: little havens for wildli... more