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4 May 2012

Parks & Open Spaces

Let me take you for a walk
Valerian Forrest
A few weeks ago, I was rummaging through some old papers in my flat and happened upon this old leaflet.

I hadn't really thought about Northampton as a place for tourism before. I don't suppose anyone sees their hometown that way. So, in the spirit of experimentalism, I resolved to take the "Historic Town Trail" and explore the town as though a visitor.

Not content with broadening my own horizons, I figured I could open people's eyes to (what I hoped would be) the charms of Northampton. I would take photos of what I saw on the route and post the pictures to my Twitter account, creating a real-time "virtual walking tour".... more

Space to breathe – trees and urban air quality
Woodland Trust
A report on Trees and Urban Air Quality released by the Woodland Trust today, and produced in cooperation with Lancaster University and the University of Birmingham, shows that despite air quality in the UK improving in recent decades, there remain serious health issues relating to air pollution, pa... more
How should we design urban parks?
Urban Portal
Most major cities have one or more large parks.  As geographer Terence Young has explained, parks proliferated across modern cities to help stem the departure of middle-class and affluent residents in the wake of industrialization at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Parks were considered a p... more
Northampton parkrun - Weekly Free 5km Timed Run
Park Run
Register to join in Northamptons weekly Park Run on Northampton Racecourse... more


Tell us how you think we are doing
Northampton Borough Council
People are in Northampton are being asked to say what they think about the service they receive from their Borough Council.

Northampton Borough Council is launching the first 2012 satisfaction survey on Tuesday 1 May. Last year the decision was made to run two online satisfaction surveys a year so... more


Northampton Borough Council Small Grants Fund open for applications
Northamptonshire Community Foundation
The Northampton Borough Council Small Grants Fund will offer individual grants of £250 to £2,000 to projects based within Northampton.

The Fund will consider funding a wide range of projects including:

·        Community events and activities

·        Small scale training costs

·        Smal... more

Local Giving Scheme launched in Northampton by ‘secret millionaires’
Chronicle & Echo
Two ‘secret millionaires’ have helped to launch a project that will match £20,000 of fund-raising for charities in the county.

The Local Giving scheme, founded by Marcelle Speller, who featured on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire programme in August 2010, will enable small and unregistered charities... more

Health & Sport

How to start a walking group
Mayo Clinic
If you crave solitude, walking on your own might be the perfect workout. But if you'd rather not go it alone, bring others along for your walking adventures. Getting support from others by walking together can actually help you stick with your health and fitness goals. To do that, consider starting ... more

Children & Young People

Free range kids or a bankrupt NHS?
Concern is growing over the impact of unhealthy lifestyles on people and the economy: a shrinking economy cannot possibly continue to meet the massive healthcare costs which arise, in part, because our environments are so hostile to walking and cycling.... more
Children and the Countryside
Outdoor Nation
On the face of it it’s a no brainer – should children be exposed to the countryside, have the freedom to explore and marvel at nature’s colours and diversity and great trees to climb, do it with friends, get the exercise and come back covered in mud bearing stories of insects and with light in their... more


M&S launches 'shwopping' scheme

Britain's biggest clothing retailer is launching a campaign to stop one in four items of clothing bought in the UK ending up in the bin.

Marks & Spencer wants customers to hand over an old or unwanted garment whenever they buy a new one, to encourage a phenomenon it has dubbed "shwopping".

It wa... more

Earth faces a century of disasters, report warns
The Guardian
World population needs to be stabilised quickly and high consumption in rich countries rapidly reduced to avoid "a downward spiral of economic and environmental ills", warns a major report from the Royal Society.

Contraception must be offered to all women who want it and consumption cut to reduce ... more


The Conservation Volunteers

BTCV rebrands and unveils new strategy... more
BTCV rebrands and unveils new strategy
Civil Society
Conservation charity BTCV has re-branded as part of a new, clarified strategy and attempt to boost public awareness and fundraising.

The charity has today launched its new brand, the Conservation Volunteers, after frustration over low awareness levels. Facing statutory funding cuts in the region o... more