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27 April 2012

Parks & Open Spaces

WuT you like to identify unmapped ancient woodland?
Woodland Trust
The Ancient Woodland Inventory was created in the 1980's and it shows most ancient woodland that is over two hectares in size, however when it was first created ancient woods below two hectares in size were not included. This means that there are a lot of woods out there that may be ancient and hav... more
Redeveloper sought for Northampton’s former power station site
chronicle & Echo
The Government-backed body which was set up to regenerate Northampton has asked developers to come forward to lead a major construction project in the heart of the town centre.

The West Northamptonshire Development Corporation (WNDC) has launched the search for a ‘development partner’ to redevelop... more

Bands in the Park joins London 2012 Festival for season finale
Northampton Borough Council
Abington Park will play host to a packed programme of live music every Sunday this Summer culminating in a grand finale that will see Northampton join the rest of the nation in a Bandstand Marathon.

The Bandstand Marathon will mark the close of the Cultural Olympiad and the London 2012 Festival. I... more


Pride In Northamptonshire 2012: Tell us who makes you proud
Chronicle & Echo
The hunt is on to find the people who make us proud of our county.

This year’s Pride in Northamptonshire Awards are being launched to uncover the people who deserve recognition for their tireless efforts and have a positive impact on the community.

The Chronic;e & Echo is appealing for people to... more

Health & Sport

10 Great ideas for spring
As spring's offically here and as the weather warms up, now's the time to enjoy all the benefits that getting outside and into nature brings.

We've come up with ten ideas to inspire you:... more

Children & Young People

Is outdoor child’s play doomed to extinction?
The Independent
Figures released by the National Trust earlier this month paint a picture of a generation of children disengaged with nature and outdoor play, largely ignorant of the joy of unbridled exploration. According to the charity, fewer than one in ten children regularly play in wild places compared to almo... more
Safe & Responsible Play
Get Children Outdoors
While all of our children can benefit from the opportunities that outdoor play provides to develop skills and challenge their boundaries, appropriate care and safety for children remains paramount.  It’s the responsibility of parents, carers and educators to provide a safe and secure environment in ... more
Recession signals return of outdoor play, survey says30th
Outdoor play is making a come back as cash-strapped parents swap spending on DVDs and the cinema for free days out in the park, research suggests.

A poll of 1,250 UK parents of school-age children suggests 44% of youngsters are now spending more time playing outside than they did two years ago.

... more


Earth faces a century of disasters, report warns
World population needs to be stabilised quickly and high consumption in rich countries rapidly reduced to avoid "a downward spiral of economic and environmental ills", warns a major report from the Royal Society.

Contraception must be offered to all women who want it and consumption cut to reduce ... more

M&S launches 'shwopping' scheme
Britain's biggest clothing retailer is launching a campaign to stop one in four items of clothing bought in the UK ending up in the bin.

Marks & Spencer wants customers to hand over an old or unwanted garment whenever they buy a new one, to encourage a phenomenon it has dubbed "shwopping".

It wa... more

Population and consumption key to future, report says
Over-consumption in rich countries and rapid population growth in the poorest both need to be tackled to put society on a sustainable path, a report says.

An expert group convened by the Royal Society spent nearly two years reading evidence and writing their report.... more

Trees Matter
The Woodland Trust
Trees are an important part of our natural life support system: they have a vital role to play in the sustainability of our towns and cities and we need to take better care of them, both now and in the future.Until quite recently, the values we attached to trees and woods were very straightforward. ... more
Future generations risk 'enslavement' without a vote now
The Guardian
It's a new year, so let's start with a new idea: a democratic body to safeguard the basic needs and fundamental interests of future people.

That is the proposal of Rupert Read, a philosopher at the University of East Anglia, in a report called Guardians of the Future for the think tank Green House... more