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30 March 2012

Parks & Open Spaces

Work starts on Abington Park lake footpath
Northampton Borough Council
Work to fix the footpath that circles the middle boating lake in Abington Park and underpin the concrete beam that provides its supporting surround is underway.

For almost two years a 40-metre stretch of the path has been fenced off because of subsidence due to fluctuating water levels that has wa... more

Northampton Marina officially launched
Northampton’s flagship marina is being officially launched today by Environment Agency Chairman Lord Chris Smith.

Lord Smith will be joined by dignitaries from the organisations which helped to develop and fund the creation of the £2.5-million facility, including WNDC.

Andy Baxendale, Environmen... more


People Powered Change – Your Square Mile
Launched in October last year, Your Square Mile (YSM) is a citizens’ mutual open to anyone in the UK over the age of 16. It gives inspiration, practical advice and tools to anyone seeking to bring about positive change in their local community. Our annual subscription is £10 but much of advice and t... more


How we're going even further to help our local communities
Today we’re launching our new Community Life programme to help make our local communities better places to live and work for our colleagues and customers.

We hope to create the new “community centres of tomorrow” – places where local organisations and people can meet and where our customers decide... more

Health & Sport

Walking protects brain from dementia: study
CBE News
Seniors who regularly walk around 10 kilometres per week suffer less brain shrinkage, which may help stave off dementia, researchers have found.

Brain size shrinks in late adulthood and can cause memory problems. Studies suggest that activities like walking preserve brain volume, but U.S. research... more

Children & Young People

The increasingly rare sight in UK's green spaces – children playing
The Guardian
Plastered in mud and with a broad grin, three-year-old Bobby Roberts seemed intent on disproving a report published on Friday by the National Trust which warns action is not being taken to reverse the trend of Britain's children playing less outdoors and in wild places.

Romping through daffodils w... more

Save children's relationship with the outdoors
National Trust
Evidence of a long-term and dramatic decline in children’s relationship with the outdoors is ‘overwhelming’ and urgent action is needed to bridge this growing gap before its too late, according our new report published today.

In his Natural Childhood report naturalist, author and TV producer Steph... more


Northampton Borough Council to launch dog mess crackdown
Hunsbury Herald
A campaign to remind dog owners of what could happen if they don’t clear up after their pets is being launched by the borough council.The Northampton Borough Council scheme is due to start in April and will encourage dog owners to pick up after their pets.It will also the public to report incidents ... more
After carbon and water, the drive is on to reduce the world's plastic footprint
The Guardian
As you may have heard, we have a plastics problem. Millions of tonnes of the stuff goes into the sea every year, according to Plastic Oceans, a UK NGO. And, because plastic is made to be durable, that is where it stays.

Plastic accounts for four-fifths of the accumulated garbage in the world's oce... more

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