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9 March 2012


Northampton Alive
Northampton Borough Council
Northampton has a proud past and an even brighter future. Attracted by its vibrancy and central location, world class businesses have been investing in the town. They range from Avon to Carlsberg and support one of the strongest economies in the UK.

Reflecting this confidence in the town, a series of ambitious regeneration schemes are on the horizon. They include an iconic new railway station and landmark waterside offices, as well as a new and improved shopping centre.

There has never been a better time for you to live, work or invest in Northampton.

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Health & Sport

Opening schools for community sporting use
Sports England
The delivery and enhancement of sporting opportunities on school sites are crucial to both sport and education.

What is the situation?

At the moment, 76% of sports halls, 73% of artificial grass pitches, 29% of swimming pools and 52% of grass pitches in England are located within schools,... more

Children & Young People

Unhealthy children more likely to be unhappy, study finds
Children & Young People Now
Children and young people who choose unhealthy activities have dramatically lower happiness levels than those with healthier lifestyles, according to the Economic and Social Research Council.

The Understanding Society study of 40,000 households in the UK found that regardless of gender, age, famil... more

Children denied joy of nature, says National Trust
Children are being denied the enjoyment of the outdoors and nature with consequences for their health, the head of the National Trust has warned.

Dame Fiona Reynolds told the Times the freedom of children to roam unsupervised had shrunk massively since the 1970s.

She blamed nervousness and techn... more


Hands Off Our Land: Developers now to be forced to build on brownfield sites before the countryside
The Telegraph
Property developers will be forced to build in town centres before digging up the countryside under revised planning reforms, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The final draft of the new planning rules, which will be published later this month, includes greater protections for heritage sites and t... more

Enter the Challenge
Climate Week
Registrations for this year’s Climate Week Challenge have been extended!

Thousands of people from schools, colleges, universities and workplaces all over the country are being challenged to explore practical solutions to help combat climate change by participating in the Climate Week Challenge.

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Car owners face fines if passengers litter
The Telegraph
Motorists who let a passenger throw rubbish out of the window of their car face a £100, even if they were not driving at the time.

Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, is supporting moves to make car owners legally responsible for the behaviour of their passengers.

It is anticipated that... more


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award
A new award for national organisations involved in volunteering activities and for national organisations involved in volunteering around the Olympic and Paralympic games and their legacy.... more